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About The Queen of High Heels

Personal Information

PHP: Queen of High Heels

I am elegant, easygoing and a well-educated woman with a Financial, Economics and Law background. I am well-traveled and have a rich professional and personal life that includes many interests. I have a love for designer high heels, clothing and expensive jewelry such as Cartier, Pomellato and Chopard.

My Height: 170 CM
My Weight: 52 KG
Clothing Size: XS, EU 34
Jeans Size: 24
Bra Size: 75 C
Shoe size: EU 37.5 FR 38.5, UK 4.5 , US 7.5
Education: I have multiple degrees in Finance, Economics and Law
Languages: English, Dutch, German, Spanish and French. The last 3 languages depending on the subject of the conversation (Still learning).
Hobbies: Travel, Read, Art
Specifics: I do not smoke, drink alcohol or engage in any other substance abuse!
Favorite High Heel Brands: Christian Louboutin and Gianvito Rossi are my favorite because they provide a mix of being sexy and elegant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most important questions you might have. If you have any guestions send me an email with your member profile name via the contact page. I am a very busy women so, I only answer questions from my members! if you are not a member and want to ask me a question send me a giftcard in EURO to along with the question and you will receive a reply! Buy me a NetAPorter Gift Card Here.

Can I buy some of your Shoes
Yes, it is possible to buy some of my shoes. I will list some of the shoes for sale and you may contact me with the shoe of your choice.

I would like to buy you a gift
Check out my Wish List page. This will be frequently updated. Upon receiving your gift you will receive a photo or video of me wearing it and will I mention it on the website.

I would like to send you a pair of High Heels as a gift where can I ship them too?
I will only accept Designer High Heels of my own choice meaning what I like! Cheap High Heels will not be accepted by the Queen so, do not bother to buy me a pair. I deserve nothing but the best and will not settle for less. I will provide you with my PO Box Address.

Can I order a custom made video or photo set for my eyes only with a specific pair of High Heels?
Yes, this is possible. Send me an email via the contact page and the High Heels of your choice and other specifications such you might have. The price of a custom video or photo set begins at €250.

Do you show specific interest pictures and videos?
This depends on the interest send me a message via the contact page with your interests so, we can discuss the details and price. This video will be for your eyes only and not listed on my website!